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Jump Rope For Heart

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      February is National Heart month, which entertainer and rheumatic heart victim Bobby Darin promoted throughout his career. On Tuesday February 13, 2001, Wilson Elementary School in Lodi NJ is dedicating their annual "Jump Rope For Heart" project to raise money for the Heart Association in Bobby Darin's memory.

      Approved and sanctioned by the Bobby Darin estate, this will be a wonderful event to make people, young and old alike, aware of Bobby's life and legacy as well as raise money to find a cure for Heart disease and other cardiovasular diseases. "Jump Rope for Heart" not only raises money for heart research but teaches students the benefits of physical activity, how to keep the heart healthy, and that they can help save lives right in their own community.

      This idea comes from Jimmy Scalia, whose son Anthony attends Wilson Elementary school. We are all very excited that we can help this worthy cause as well as remember Bobby. A big event is planned with Bobby's music being spotlighted and possible media coverage.

      If you would like to donate to this event , please send your donation to:

      Wilson Elementary School

      80 Union St.

      Lodi NJ, 07644

      ATTN: Linda Masullo

      Make your check payable to The American Heart Association , with "In memory of Bobby Darin" in the memo.

      Please make a donation now, no matter how small, you can make a difference.

      Wilson School "Reelin' with The Feelin'"

      Physical Education teacher Victoria Gaffney introducing event in Audio

      Linda Dacosta, a fifth-grade teacher Bobby during the activities Principal Linda Masullo

      The kids jumping for heart The kids jumping for heart Physical Education teacher Victoria Gaffney

      Closing remarks from Wilson School Principal Linda Masullo in Audio.

      Thanks to Jimmy Scalia for the pictures & sounds on this page.

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