Jimmy Scalia

Jimmy Scalia
Photo courtesy of Susan Schooley

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Jimmy Scalia, the official Darin archivist, sanctioned by the Darin estate,
has been admirer of Bobby Darin since childhood. He and his wife reside in the
New Jersey/NewYork area with their children and family dog.
I have watched Jimmy grow in his career as a video and audio archivist.
Below is the story of how this all came to be.

My Buddy ...

In 1993, I met Jimmy on the phone long distance. Once you know Jimmy, you
never forget him and can easily become a lifelong friend.
He has a zest for life that is contagious and he respects all forms of creativity.
Jimmy and his family are generous people and I am proud to know them.

Back to how I met Jimmy ... we were both members of a video collectors voice
mail service and we were desperately looking for Bobby Darin on video, which at the
time was not an easy task. Throughout the years, we accumulated a lot of BD video
and always shared what we found with each other. Our friendship
is very special, we are like family.

Jimmy always came through for me when he found something we wanted, he has
continued to share with me. I have also received lots of audio from Jimmy
that he has mastered with his cutting edge equipment.
Jimmy has a gift for that as well as a devotion to Bobby Darin.

Jimmy and Harriet in 1999 Jimmy and Harriet in 1999 Jimmy and Harriet in 1999
Hesh & Jimmy
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Jimmy also is gifted with people. His personality is very warm and giving.
In 1998, I was introduced on the phone to Harriet Wasser, Bobby's lifelong friend.
This came about through Steve Taskler, the webmaster of the Johnny Mercer website.
I could not forget my brother Jimmy so I introduced Hesh to Jimmy. Hesh took an
instant liking to Jimmy, which is not hard to do, and took him under her wing,
so to speak. Jimmy in turn took very good care of Harriet.

He and Dina would often appear with her in various places around NY. Harriet
bragged on Jimmy to Darin manager Steve Blauner and they discovered they had a lot
in common music wise and became great friends. Jimmy helped Steve archive Bobby's library and has done a tremendous service for the Darin Estate and has been called the "Darin East Coast Connection," recording and archiving on video tape Bobby's
induction to the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame, a tribute to Bobby by The New York Sheet Music Society and The Bobby Darin Award ceremony.

His outgoing personality has provided me with a lot of information.
Jimmy has helped me this way while I have been working on the site.
He is very good with people and getting the job done.

Jimmy's life long ambition of being in the music business has blossomed in the last few
years. He definitely has a knowledge of all of types of music and media.
Not to rest on his laurels, Jimmy is constantly improving his techniques, honing his
craft and buying new audio/video equipment.
He has worked for various artists such as Julius La Rosa, Bob
Crewe and Buddy Greco. Jimmy also converted much of Greco's audio library to
digital, and created discs for him including the art work.
Due to the tragic events of September 11, Jimmy produced a compilation disc of Bobby Darin's American and Patriotic songs which were distributed to NY radio stations.
Jimmy has met many celebrities such as Margaret Whiting and Keely Smith
and even did a rare interview with Keely.
He also has a gift for writing and has created numerous articles for Intune Magazine
and has upcoming interviews with Toni Arden and Buddy Greco. Jimmy is also an
accomplished songwriter and has composed many songs.
He is involved in several organizations. He is a active member of The Society of Singers, Women in Music, and Songwriters Hall of Fame.

To sum it up, Jimmy Scalia is a go getter. His diverse knowledge of all of types of
music from every decade and the latest technology, in combination with his magnetic
charm and a drive for perfection, all add up to someone you can trust. I highly
recommend him for any job, but more than anything I appreciate his friendship.
Jimmy at the 2003 Songwriter's Hall of Fame Ceremony with Ahmet Ertegun
(Founder of Atlantic Records) and Clive Davis (Founder of Arista Records & J records).

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The Magic of Bobby Darin: A 30 episode radio special hosted by Jimmy Scalia
with guests Steve Blauner and Harriet Wasser

Jimmy & Dina at the 2004 Songwriter's Hall of Fame Ceremony with Garth Brooks,
Trisha Yearwood, Neil Sedaka, Don McClean, John Oates, Regis & Joy Philbin,
Niles Rodgers, Michael McDonald and Dionne Warwick.

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Jimmy's most recent accomplishments include providing material to Academy Award
winning actor Kevin Spacey and his staff for the Darin Bio movie "Beyond the Sea."
He has also been working with Grammy Award winner JOEL DORN on an upcoming Darin CD/DVD "Bobby Darin Aces Back to Back" which is scheduled for release
September 14, 2004 on the Hyena Label.

Joel Dorn (back left) with Jimmy Scalia (back right) in New York (July 2004)
at a session for the upcoming Darin CD/DVD "Aces Back to Back."
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