Bobby Darin




      In a cavern
      Down by a canyon 
      Excavatin' for a mine 
      There lived a miner 
      From North Carolina 
      And … his daughter
      Chubby Clementine. 
      Now, every mornin'
      Yeah … just about dawnin' 
      When the sun 
      Began to shine 
      You know she would rouse up
      Wake all-a-dem cows up 
      And … walk 'em down to her Daddy's mine. 
      I took the footbridge
      Way 'cross the water 
      Though she weighed 
      Two ninety-nine 
      The old bridge trembled 
      And disassembled … oops!
      Dumped her into the foamy brine. 
      Hey … crack like thunder … hut, hut … 
      You know she went under … hut, hut …
      Blowin’ bubbles down the line 
      Hey!  I'm no swimm'a 
      But were she slimm'a 
      I might'a saved 
      That Clementine. 
      Ho … she broke the record
      Way under water 
      I thought that she was doin' fine 
      I wasn't nervous 
      Not until the service 
      That they held 
      For Clementine. 
      Hey … you sailor … hut, hut …
      Way out in your whaler   
      A-with your harpoon an’ your trusty line 
      If she shows now,yell... …   
      A-there she blows now! 
      It just may be 
      Chunky, Clementine. 
      One more time!
      Oh, my darlin' … oh, my darlin' 
      Oh, my darlin'  … oh, my darlin' 
      Oh, my darlin' … sweet Clementine 
      You may be gone … but …  
      You're not forgotten 
      Fare thee well … 
      So long … 
      Clementine … 
Lyrics provided by Alan Baum

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